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Chief Minister unveils the statues of freedom fighters late Mr. Ghanaram Banchhor and late Mr. Gendlal Banchhor

  *"Patan belongs to many freedom fighters": Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel *Chief Minister attends the Dr.Khubchand Baghel Jay...

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 *"Patan belongs to many freedom fighters": Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel

*Chief Minister attends the Dr.Khubchand Baghel Jayanti ceremony organised in Darbar Mokhli village

*Chief Minister inaugurates the newly constructed Rest House

Raipur . 

Asal Baat News. 

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel paid tribute to the freedom fighters of Patan in the Dr. Khubchand Baghel Jayanti ceremony on Sunday. He unveiled the statues of Late Mr. Ghanaram Banchhor and Late Mr. Gandlal Banchhor, honouring their contributions. In addition, he inaugurated a new rest house for the Water Resources Department in Darbar Mokhli, worth Rs 46.88 lakh. Moreover, he also inaugurated various construction projects worth Rs 1.21 crore for Darbar Mokhli and Semri villages. 

Chief Minister Mr. Baghel expressed happiness for Darbar Mokhli, his neighbouring village, where his forefathers fought for freedom. The late Gendlal Banchhor, a pioneer lawyer, joined the struggle inspired by Gandhiji. The letters he wrote to Chhatar Singh depicted their immense hardships. Remembering Dr. Khubchand Baghel's song 'Gajab Vitamin Bhare Hai, Chhattisgarh Ke Baasi Ma', he highlighted their desire for freedom and preserving Chhattisgarh's culture. Following their path, efforts were made to safeguard Chhattisgarh's culture.

Chhattisgarh celebrated 'Bore-Baasi' Day, showcasing its rich food tradition and hardworking culture. The state's unique cultural identity gained national recognition through a platform for songs, music, art, and skills. Notably, the first Tribal Dance Festival was organised in Chhattisgarh, with the participation of various artists from India and abroad. The preservation of Chhattisgarh's historical and mythological heritage is a priority for the state government. The state government decided to establish Chhattisgarh Mahtari's statues in every district, fulfilling a long-cherished forefather's dream. The Chief Minister highlighted that Chhattisgarh's true sense of statehood is now realised as it progresses with cultural values. The occasion commemorated Dr. Khubchand Baghel's 100th birth anniversary, marking a significant milestone for the state.

The Chief Minister discussed Narva, Garuva, Ghurva, Bari schemes, and rural development, along with positive changes in various sectors. Additionally, he announced the upgradation of Government High School of Darbar Mokhli and beautification of Sheetla Talab.

Mr. Chowa Ram Verma, the Central President of Chhattisgarh Manva Kurmi Kshatriya Samaj, highlighted the life's events and contributions of Dr. Khubchand Baghel, the visionary behind Chhattisgarh state. He also shed light on the biographies of freedom fighters Late Mr.Gendlal Banchhor and Late Mr.Ghanaram Banchhor.

Chief Minister's OSD Mr. Ashish Verma, Vice President of Patan Janpad Panchayat Mr. Devendra Chandravanshi,  Member of Janpad Panchayat Mrs. Vedna Verma, Sarpanch Mr. Ashish Banchhor, Mr. Shankar Baghel, Mr. Rajesh Thakur, and other public representatives and officials were present.