A celebration of academic success and excellence culminates in the 12th convocation at the IIM Raipur


Asal Baat News.  

Indian Institute of Management Raipur is all set to host its 12th Annual Convocation Ceremony on Monday, 24th April 2023. It is a proud and joyous occasion for the institute as young business management graduates are ready to embark on their journey, equipped with the values instilled by the institution.

The upcoming convocation ceremony will be graced by the Chief Guest, Shri Ashish Kumar Chauhan, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, National Stock Exchange of India, who will deliver the Convocation Address. Mrs. Shyamala Gopinath, Chairperson, Board of Governors, will deliver the Welcome Address, and Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani, Director, IIM Raipur, will present the institute's achievements in the Director's Report.

IIM Raipur, in its thirteen years of existence, has emerged as a leading business school in the country, as evident from its NIRF ranking of 14th. Given the fast-changing economic environment, the institute is committed to providing a global perspective to all its programmes and activities and has collaborated with various institutions worldwide for its Foreign Exchange Program. This year, 10 students were recommended for grants based on merit and means, and 22 students were selected for the International Student Exchange program with partner institutions in Greece, France, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia.

IIM Raipur has been selected as one of the 15 institutes to represent India in hosting the prestigious Y20 events as part of India's G20 Presidency. Additionally, the institute has been appointed as the sole Knowledge Partner for all Y20 events held in the country. With the guidance of Director Prof Ram Kumar Kakani, IIM Raipur successfully hosted a Y20 event on campus, attended by 250 national and 50 international participants. The event was graced by Shri Anurag Thakur, Minister of Sport, Youth Affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and Smt. Renuka Singh, Honorable Minister of State Tribal Affairs.

The Indian Institute of Management Raipur recently held its 6th HR Summit with the theme "Rethinking Workforce Strategies for 2030". With the theme "India's New Stride: Building for the Future", the summit provided an excellent opportunity for industry experts and students to interact and discuss key ideas. This interaction aimed to equip future management professionals with the necessary skills to address upcoming challenges efficiently. Additionally, the institute launched its flagship event, the "Leadership Summit 2022", on November 5th, 2022. 

107 recruiters participated in the placement process and offered to the large 2021-23 batch of 255 students. The latest placement session witnessed 100% placement with a 17% hike in average salary, which went up to Rs.21.04 LPA in 2023 from Rs. 17.73 LPA last year. The highest salary jumped 60.37% at Rs.67.60 LPA in 2022 from Rs.42.15 LPA last year.

IIM Raipur has partnered with Digital Health Academy New Delhi to introduce a Post Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Health. This program has been designed by esteemed medical professionals, including Dr. Devi Shetty, in collaboration with IIM Raipur faculty. The course aims at medical professionals and has garnered interest from 50 participants across India, the United States, and Singapore. The program seeks to thoroughly understand digital health and its ability to revolutionize the healthcare industry. We further partnered with the Department of Economics Affairs and ICAI to train for capacity building under MDP. 

IIM Raipur has signed two significant MoUs under the new opportunity vertical. The first agreement with AIIMS Raipur includes jointly launching and executing a hybrid Certificate Course on Hospital Management, conducting faculty development programs, sharing resources like library and faculty, and undertaking joint consulting assignments. The second MoU is with NIELIT, New Delhi, to initiate an Impact Analysis of select projects, organize skill development programs related to Digitalization and IT, and conduct Management Capacity Enhancement and Leadership Programs for participants and faculty of NIELIT institutions across India. 

Top of Form

To meet the increasing demand for qualified professionals in human resources management, IIM Raipur has launched a two-year Executive Postgraduate Program in HR (EPGP HR), with the first batch commencing in 2023-25. The program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of HR management, such as recruitment, talent management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and leadership development. By completing this program, students will have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in HR. 

IIM Raipur has taken steps to strengthen its in-house research by launching the Case House of IIM Raipur (CHIRP) website. The Case Consultant and Case Editor have been operational since December 2022. The institute's faculty has achieved a significant publication record in the last year, with 78 publications, including 2 A* and 42 A-ranked papers.

Several clubs are available at the institution to cultivate a lively campus environment. These clubs cater to various interests and provide students with a platform for extracurricular activities. The Arthniti Club focuses on economic and public policy issues, while the Igniters Club specializes in case studies and competitions. The Entrepreneurship Club promotes innovative thinking and business acumen among students, and the Product Management Club emphasizes product development skills. There is the Yuva Tourism Club for those interested in tourism, and for animal welfare enthusiasts, there is the Jeevashray Club. Overall, these clubs offer students an opportunity to develop new skills and engage in activities outside of the classroom.

These initiatives reflect IIM Raipur's commitment to providing quality education and keeping pace with the evolving needs of the industry. The institute's efforts to offer innovative programs and collaborate with leading institutions are expected to help students achieve their academic and professional goals. IIM Raipur has come a long way in the academic field since its establishment thirteen years ago and continues to strive towards excellence in providing quality education and preparing its students for the future.