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NIT Raipur organises rally and seminar in honour of the International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking

  Raipur. Asal baat news.      National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur’s National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit organised a Drug-Free India R...

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Asal baat news.   

 National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur’s National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit organised a Drug-Free India Rally followed by a seminar on Drug-Free India on 26th June 2024 in honour of the International day against  Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking. The rally as well as the seminar was organised in collaboration with the office of Dean (Student Welfare). 

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. N.V. Ramana Rao, Director, NIT Raipur, Dr. Nitin Jain, Dean (Student welfare), NIT Raipur, Dr. Neeraj Manhas, Faculty in-charge, NCC, Dr. Shrish Verma, Dean (Academics) and Dr. Samir Bajpai, Head, CDC, NIT Raipur. The Speaker for the event was Dr. Nishant Sahu, MD Psychiatry. The seminar was hosted by Dr. Soumya Agrawal. Scholars, students and faculty members were also present.

Dr. Soumya Agrawal gave a brief about the drug abuse day and explained the various consequences linked with the usage of  drugs. Dr. Rao talked about spreading awareness among the youth regrading drug addiction and the challenges faces by the society like murder and robbery as an impact of it. Dr. Sahu explained how Drug-free India is the aim of the government and spreading awareness regarding drug addiction is the first step towards achieving it. After sharing some information about drugs, he explained the reasons for drug consumption like peer pressure and depression. He went on and talked about the different types of drugs like cocaine, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. For prevention of drug addiction he strongly recommended saying no to any form of drugs, asking for help if needed and most importantly spreading awareness regarding drug addiction.