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International Conference on Regenerative Ecosystems

Raipur, .Regenerative ecosystems hold the key to countering the alarming effects of climate change, biodiversity loss, and habitat destructi...

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Raipur,.Regenerative ecosystems hold the key to countering the alarming effects of climate change, biodiversity loss, and habitat destruction. The conference focus on Regenerative Ecosystem and Sustainability which can broadly be seen from the three dominant frameworks, viz., Circular Economy, Social & Solidarity Economy, and Ecological Economics.
The above international conference aims to bring together the existing sustainability frameworks from design factors of interconnected sub-systems and overall systems science perspective in the context of specific ecosystems, viz., (a) Natural Ecosystem, (b) Indigenous Ecosystem, (c) Rural Ecosystem, (d) Urban Ecosystem, and (e) Industrial Ecosystem
The conference invites research papers on the following multi-disciplinary interconnected themes viz., Relationships, Institutions, Primary Production, Secondary Production, Tertiary Production, Organization, Governance, and Ecology in the context of specific ecosystems and their regenerative capacities and cases, stories, or demonstration of regenerative ecosystems in natural, indigenous, rural, urban, and industrial settings with two or more of the above themes.
The conference, organized by the Indian Institute of Management Raipur, aims to foster dialogue and collaboration among experts and stakeholders to address pressing environmental challenges and explore innovative solutions for ecosystem restoration and regeneration. The event promises to be a pivotal platform for knowledge exchange, sharing cutting-edge research, and fostering partnerships to steer the world towards a sustainable and regenerative future.

Important Dates

Registration Opens
16th October 2023

Registration Deadline
20th November 2023

Pre-conference Workshop
30th November 2023

Conference Date
1st & 2nd December 2023

Conference Convenors
Prof. Rajeev A
Prof. J. Daniel Inbaraj

Conference Venue: Indian Institute of Management Raipur, Atal Nagar, P. O. – Kurru (Abhanpur), Raipur (C.G.) 493 661