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Tribal leader Lata Usendi BJP National vice president

  New Delhi.  Asal Baat news.   Bhartiya Janata party national president JP Nanda rijigged the party's Central office- bearers on Saturd...

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New Delhi.

 Asal Baat news. 

Bhartiya Janata party national president JP Nanda rijigged the party's Central office- bearers on Saturday, bringing in a pasmanda Muslim from Uttar Pradesh as one of its vice President and formar Telangana unit chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar as a national general secretary.

The BJP has dropped City Ravi LED from Karnataka Dilip sahayak Kiya Loksabha MP from asam as its general secretary and Vinod Sonkar Harish Dwivedi both lok sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh and Sunil devdhar as a secretary Saroj Pande rajyasabha MP from Chhattisgarh has bin med bye president while Dilip Ghosh lok sabha MP from West Bengal has been dropped.

Lata Usendi a tribal leader from Chhattisgarh has also been elevated to the post of vice president underscoring the party's focus on the  pollbound state where the Congress is in power.

Radha Mohan Agrawal a rajya sabha MP Pramukh Uttar Pradesh is one of the two new faces on the list which have 9 general secretary seven of Om return their position the new secretarius or Anil Antony son of veteran Congress leader ek Anthony and Surendra Singh Nagar and Kamakhya Prasad rajya sabha MP from up and Assam respectively.

Nagarjunal Gurjar leader from Western up while Tasha has long bean and the face of tribal in the north eastern state.

There are 13 vice president, 9 general secretaries, including BL Santosh as the incharge of organisation and 13 secretaries on the list.

Former union minister Radha Mohan Singh,a Loksabha MP from Bihar has been drop from the post of party vice president.

Former Uttar Pradesh BJP President and rajya sabha MP lakshmikant bajpei is one of the two new vice president.

Which Mansoor being inducted as a party vice president, there are two Muslim in the position now. Kerala leader Abdullah Kutty is another member from the minority community on the list.