Urban health facilities will be expanded and urban centers will be operated as Hamar Clinic

 *Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdeo, examined five Hamar clinics and directed that all arrangements be made as soon as possible

*In Raipur, 52 urban health centers will be renamed Hamar Clinic

*Medical officials, staff nurses, and multi-purpose health professionals will be on hand to improve health services

Raipur . 

Asal Baat News.

After Hamar Hospital and Hamar Lab, the Health Department will now expand Raipur citizens' access to health care through Hamar Clinic. The National Health Mission is assisting in the transformation of 52 Raipur urban health clinics into Hamar Clinics. Health Minister Shri T.S. Singhdeo visited five Hamar clinics in the city and observed the preparations. He directed that the infrastructure construction work be expedited and that all arrangements be made as quickly as possible. Together with marketing the resources offered at Hamar Clinic, he recommended the installation of visibility and guideboards to make it simpler for visitors to go there.

Health Minister, Mr. Singhdeo, visited the Hamar Clinics of Rajendra Nagar, Chhattisgarh Nagar, Rathore Chowk, Kabir Nagar, and Mangal Bazar Gudhiyari in Raipur yesterday, inspecting the work and issuing appropriate orders. Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Mithilesh Chowdhary, and State Program Manager of Urban Health in the National Health Mission, Dr. Pradeep Tandon, were also present during this time. During the visit of Kabir Nagar Hamar Clinic, Mr. Singhdeo also had his blood pressure checked.

Urban health centers are being turned into Hamar clinics in order to give better health services to the people. Additional facilities are being built in urban health centers along the lines of the health and wellness centers that have been constructed in rural areas. In the state, 182 Hamar clinics are being established in various urban authorities like as Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, and Nagar Panchayats.

Previously, ANMs in urban health centers provided vaccination and check-up services for children and pregnant women. A complete treatment center is being constructed now, with solid infrastructure, by appointing a medical officer, a staff nurse, a multi-purpose health worker, a data entry operator, and a class four employee. In these clinics, 70 different types of medications are available to patients. The capability of testing will also be supplied to patients who require testing with the assistance of  Hamar Lab.